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Cannabidiol hemp oil CBD 5%

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CANNABIDIOL  OIL - 30 capsules

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CBD Oil 5%


What is cannabidiol? CBD is an organic cannabinoid, naturally found in cannabis. The compound is not psychoactive and exhibits a wide range of properties. IT CONTAINS AN OIL EXTRACTED DIRECTLY FROM CANNABIS SEEDS. Rich in EFAs (essential fatty acids), cannabis oil is suitable for many different applications.


An ancient remedy for modern times!


• 100% natural
• high CBD content: 5%


How does CBD work:
The human endocannabinoid system fights inflammation and directly regulates a number of crucial processes, such as appetite, pain sensation, mood, memory, and immune function, which contribute to maintainig homeostasis in the human organism. It consists of a number of receptors located in the brain and throughout the body. While we are able to synthesize our own cannabinoids, known as endocannabinoids, CBD supplements these natural compounds in order to lend extra support to the system's receptors and ensure their optimal function. Just as vitamin C is used to boost immunity, CBD is crucial for the important regulatory processes in our body.


The recommended daily dose (1 capsule) contains:


1 capsule:

% of RDA:

CBD oil

500 mg




Dosage and administration: take 1 capsule per day during or after a meal and wash it down with plenty of water.