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    FACE GLOVE - makeup removal

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    Thanks to the revolutionary Face Glove, your makeup will disappear with a flick of a finger, leaving your skin clean, soft, and smooth.

    Why is it so important to remove your makeup?

    Most makeup artists in the world agree that the most important part of makeup is…makeup removal. And no wonder! Gentle but thorough facial cleansing is the very basis of a conscious skincare routine. Never forget to remove your makeup, no matter your age and skin type. When properly cleansed, your skin will more easily absorb and assimilate other cosmetic products. New cosmetics available in the market ensure that your makeup will last throughout the day, but when you want to remove it, you are in for a challenge. This is where the new Face Glove comes in. Thanks to its advanced microtechnology, makeup will magically disappear with just a flick of a finger. All you need is a splash of water.

    Why Face Glove?

    • No more unnecessary cosmetics and cotton pads You only need water and the glove
    • You’ll save valuable time And space in your makeup bag
    • It will be perfect for a gym, a pool or during travels The glove is not a liquid, so you can take it with you on a plane
    • No more irritation around the eyes Face Glove is effective and delicate
    • Perfect for people wearing contact lenses
    • It’s made using a special microtechnology As a result, it perfectly cleanses the face, leaving it soft and smooth
    • From now on, your makeup removal routine will be very pleasant and efficient The glove will attract makeup and sebum like a magnet
    • Perfect for those who have an allergic reaction to various beauty products
    • Makeup removal and a delicate scrub at the same time? It’s possible with Face Glove! The glove gently exfoliates dead epidermis and stimulates blood circulation.

    polyester fibers