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    Professional fireplace and grill cleaner - 500 ml

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    A professional liquid for washing fireplaces and grills take care that the flame of the family atmosphere in your home never goes out. It will help you remove soot, ash, dried dirt and burning without effort. Enjoy cleanliness without streaks and scratches.

    Thanks to the concentrated active formula, professional liquid for washing fireplaces and grills effectively removes even the worst dirt. Just spray it on the cleaned surface or apply it in a small amount to a cloth and wipe it to regain the glow of the fireplace, grill or oven. It can clean well even with burnt fat and persistent soot.

    Why use me?

    • I’ll quickly and thoroughly clean the fireplace pane
    • I craftily remove soot, ash and grease
    • I’m not afraid of dried-up dirt and burnt food residue!
    • I won’t scratch the surface being cleaned

    What can I clean?

    The fireplace pane and the fireplace interior, grill, grate, the oven.

    Spray the product on surface to be cleaned or use a small amount on a cloth and spread over the surface. After removing dirt, wipe with a damp cloth.

    < 5% non-ionic surfactants, < 5% phosphates.