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    Ecological toilet bowl cleaner - 750 ml

    product code: 610

    Capacity             750ml
    Fragrance          Bubble Gum 

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    Professional toilet bowl cleaner surprises you with the smell of bubble gum and express efficiency. Thoroughly disinfects the toilet and protects it against germs, so that your family can enjoy safety.

    No scrubbing, no scratch and bad smell – Professional toilet bowl cleaner is a new level of cleanliness. It contains antibacterial nanosilver, combats the unpleasant odor and makes the toilet simply shiny. Just spread it under the bottom surface of the shell for not less than 30 minutes and rinse to dissolve even difficult stains and sediment.

    Why use me?

    • I won’t scratch the surface being cleaned and I have a beautiful bubble gum scent!
    • I am super-efficient
    • I’ll help you fight bacteria and unpleasant odours
    • I disinfect and deeply clean
    • I contain nano silver
    • Thanks to the special formula, I remain on the cleaned surface much longer and provide protection against germs

    Spread me evenly under the lower edge of the bowl, leave for at least 30 minutes and then rinse off. Remember to store me away from children and domestic animals.

    Methanesulfonic Acid, <5% Non-Ionic Surfactants, <5% Amphoteric Surfactants, Ci 42045, Colloidal Silver.