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Black Toothpaste 100 ml

product code: 322

Volume: 100 ml

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Volume: 100 ml

Natural toothpaste with activated carbon, xylitol, coconut oil, and ginger extract has a strong brightening effect while simultaneously protecting the enamel. Its natural ingredients have a beneficial effect for the teeth and the oral cavity, giving your fresh breath and a white healthy smile.

Active ingredients:

Active carbon
Thanks to its porous structure and capability of binding many chemical compounds, it has strong cleansing and whitening qualities. Removes both small impurities as well as exceptionally difficult to remove tannin residue, namely the yellow stains created as a consequence of drinking too much coffee or tea. In addition, it doesn’t demineralise the enamel and works in an exceptionally gentle way, so it can be successfully used for sensitive teeth.

It’s a natural sweetener with the colour, flavour and consistency of sugar but with a completely opposite effect on the body, since it reverses the harmful effects of consumed carbohydrates. Thanks to its properties, it helps restore the acid-base balance in the oral cavity. It can also enhance mineralisation of enamel and treat small cavities, protecting the teeth against further tooth decay.

Coconut oil
It prevents tooth decay, impedes the growth of germs and significantly improves the condition of your oral cavity. Thanks to the content of caprylic acid, it effectively destroys strains of bacteria responsible for tooth decay. With regular use, it ensures healthier gums by eliminating bleeding and pain.

Ginger extract
Rich in antibacterial and anti-inflammatory substances, it has a beneficial effect for the oral cavity, as it perfectly refreshes and disinfects it as well as cures small infections.

Hydrated silica
A substance of natural origin with abrasive, polishing and anti-cariogenic properties.